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Orizuru fabric

Cotton fabric printed with traditional origami paper cranes (Orizuru), designed after the Japanese red-crowned crane. In Japanese mythology this crane carries souls up to heaven and if you fold a thousand paper cranes you will be granted happiness and good luck.

Navy blue with gold coloured metallic highlights.

Cranes are approx 3cm/1.25" high.


100% lightweight cotton for clothing, crafts, Furoshiki (wrapping gifts) etc.

Printed in Thailand.


Available per:

Half metre, 50cm/19.5" high x 114cm/45" wide
One metre, 100cm/39" high x 114cm/45" wide


More than one length added to your basket will be supplied as a continuous piece where possible.

Need more fabric than is showing in stock? Send me a message, I may have more stock in storage or due in shortly.    


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