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Frida's Garden lampshade in Terracotta

Round drum-shaped lampshade, covered by hand with Alexander Henry's 'Frida's Garden' Frida Kahlo fabric in a terracotta colourway. Beautiful, vibrant print with Frida in a jungle background with parrots gathered around her. It will make a focal point in areas from living rooms and hallways to bedrooms, bringing an artistic touch to your home.

The rigid body of the shade is covered with a high quality 100% cotton fabric and attached to white metal rings top and bottom, the top edges are then rolled and tucked under.
Sizes refer to the diameter of the rings - I make them in standard heights but they can be made to other heights for custom orders.

These are made in my home studio in Chester, England and can be shipped to most addresses across the world.

Your standard size options:

  • 15cm (6") diameter, approx 15cm (6") high.  Suggested uses: bedside/nightstand lights, pendant light for fittings that have more than one shade.
  • 20cm (8") diameter, approx 18cm (7") high.  Suggested uses: small standard/table lamps, ceiling/pendant light for very small rooms.
  • 25cm (10")  diameter, approx 20cm (8") high.  Suggested uses: medium standard/table lamps, ceiling/pendant light for small or medium sized rooms.
  • 30cm (12") diameter, medium/large shade approx 21cm (8.5") high (shipping within Europe only). Suggested uses: medium-large standard/table/floor lamps, ceiling/pendant light for medium or large sized rooms. This size is the most popular and tends to suit most sizes of rooms and lamps.

Please choose the correct fitting for your fitment and country:

  • UK/EU standard/table lamp (hole for bulb at the bottom of the shade, hole is 40mm diameter with a 25mm converter plug).
  • US harp (for standard/table lamps, smaller hole at the top of the shade which screws onto a wire harp above the bulb).
  • Ceiling/pendant lamp (hole for bulb at the top of the shade for bulbs on hanging flexes).

Lining/inside colour options:

  • White - gives you maximum brightness when lit, as it allows the light to shine through the fabric.
  • Old Gold (mottled, matt, pale gold colour)- looks more opulent inside when unlit.  When lit it throws warm light upwards and downwards, not through the fabric.

Pattern placement will vary slightly, particularly on smaller sizes. There will be a small joining seam at the back where the pattern will not match.

    Fitting type
    Inside colour